Hi friends. Ok, so I lied about the post yesterday. But here you go! While we don’t have tons of funds for major furniture purchases, I’ve been trying to make small changes that make me love our space even more.
But up first – some things that have been around, but I haven’t shown on the blog yet:
We put up the bf’s vintage super hero poster in one of the large hallway walls. It adds a fun touch and takes up a large empty wall:
Our chandelier provides a nice contrast to the super hero poster and some much needed glamour (and yes, this picture made me realize one of the bulbs is out…..)
This is what I see when I wake up every day. Good way to start the morning:
And some new changes:
I’m leaving some of my favorite heels out in my bedroom. I love them layered against my Sex & the City movie poster on the floor. It makes me SOO happy every time I look at them:
How cute are these plates from Pier 1? They’re classic but fun, and they make me smile. Especially when they’re holding dark chocolate oatmeal cookies.
I’ve been wanting this pillow for ages, and I finally got it. Doesn’t it look fabulous with the chevron comfortor?
I’m also keeping some of my favorite nail polishes on my night table, both because I like being surrounded by pretty things, and for easy access:
Instead of keeping corks in a boring bowl, I got this amazingly wonderful polka dot glass vase that I’m repurposing to hold corks, for now. On top of my beloved Lauren Conrad and Domino books!
You like? Hopefully I’ve inspired you to make some small changes around your abode!