Have you ever seen those “whats in your bag?” features in magazines? I always love seeing what people lug around in their bags every day. After all, what people carry in their bags tends to tell alot about them.
So, while cleaning out my bag for the week yesterday, I decided I’d do a quick inventory on what I carry around with me every day!
Clockwise, from the top:
-This satchel bag has been my go-to lately, as it goes with everything!
-My Tory Burch wallet was a gift last Christmas and I’m still so in love with it!
-Keys: Essential
-Sunnies: For the changing New York weather – or when you don’t want people looking at you on the subway
-Pen – Another essential
-Business cards and work building I.D. The picture is not cute. Florescent lighting is kind to no one.
-iPhone – of course!
-Multiple lip glosses and drops for contact lenses – for last minute freshening up
-I usually am carrying around a Netflix DVD that needs to be dropped in the mail
-Note book and Planner – I carry around a small notebook for keeping track of to-do lists and jotting down ideas, and my planner that I can’t live without.
-Magazine – For keeping me entertained on my commute
-Advil – When things get a bit stressful and give me a headache
-Gum -Orbit White is my absolute favorite
-Headphones – Again, for the commute
-Hair clip – I always have some assortment of hair clips, hair ties and bobby pins on me.
Now I’m curious – what do you carry in your bag?