Happy Friday! Now that we’re under ten days until Christmas – I think its about time for me to kick Christmas shopping into high gear!
Here’s what my weekend is looking like:
I’m wrapping all of my presents in a rich red wrapping paper with a subtle polka dot pattern – and gold! I never knew how much joy gold ribbon can bring!

Then we have a sneak peak of our christmas card – I saw the idea of wrapping us in christmas lights on pinterest and I knew I had to go for it! A bit cheesy – yes, but I love it!

And rounding things out we have my new obsession – Eggnog pancake mix. I’m going to test them out this weekend so my recipe is perfect for Christmas morning. And to make things even more awesome – a snowflake shaped pancake mold.

Yes – this is all happening. So while I shop and wrap and bake all weekend – I hope you enjoy and have a good one!


image by me