Happy Monday! This may be a bit early for you, but I think it is just about time to start thinking about holiday decorations! I am so excited to get a tree and decorate! I bought a Christmas tree scented candle and have been smelling it nonstop! I’ve been seeing tons of cute ideas that are easy that are easy to replicate – even for scrooges, or those on a small budget.
1. Silver branches – Big silver branches hold ornaments, and small red holly branches and lots of votives balance out the branches and create a modern look. This could be easily recreated on a coffee or side table on a larger or smaller scale.
2. Candy as decoration – Adding candy to a candle display adds a whimsical touch and the colors of the season.
3. White & wreaths – A while palette doesn’t mean that you can’t be festive! I love this look – lots of white with a sparkly chandelier and silver candle holders with simple green wreaths on every window.
4. Flannel blanket – I love everything about this rustic table display. But I love the idea of using a flannel blanket as a tablecloth. It looks great in this alfresco picture, but I think it would work indoors as well – I think an indoor holiday picnic on a flannel blanket is a cute at-home date idea too. Just make sure the blanket is clean!
5.Spell it out – This is an easy way to incorporate holiday decor into what you already have. If you have the same, or similar, potted plants, just add a letter with some festive ribbon. Use what you already have (i think even herbs would look cute!)  and be creative.
I hope this inspires you and gets you in the holiday spirit!
Have a great start to the week.
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