Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I had a lovely date night with the bf on Friday night, some very successful fall shopping on Saturday, and lots of relaxing and cooking on Sunday (hello pumpkin cinnamon streusel pancakes, and pumpkin squares). Hope yours was great!
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I’m all about the pouf lately – not hair poufiness or dress poufiness – though that is all good in moderation, but poufs in the home. They are little mini ottomans/stools that have a million uses in the home other than looking cute. I think they look awesome in a corner where you need a little something, or in the center of the room as an extra seat. They would also be awesome in a little kid room or a home office!
See below for some design inspiration:
And if you want one for yourself, here are some favorites: CB2, Overstock, Moroccan Prestige, Serena and Lily 
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