Happy Friday! It has been a long and stressful week, for me at least. Hope that everyone has fun and does some celebrating over the weekend. 
This is my long-lost child.
If I have a daughter, she is dressing up like this. E.V.E.R.Y Y.E.A.R.
Save the Date
I am obsessed with this couples save the dates. Not perfect for everyone but so different and totally fun.
ABC Kitchen
Last weekend, we went to ABC Kitchen to celebrate our anniversary, and like I knew, it did not disappoint. Hands down my favorite restaurant in the city. Reason #87687 why I love them: When I called to make a reservation, I casually mentioned that we were coming for our anniversary. When we arrived, we were seated and had an awesome meal. When it was time for dessert, they brought over two mini cupcakes with candles for our anniversary. Whoever is in charge of client service there is on their game! Made the day super special.
One important bit of advice via the ever-visionary Steve Jobs:
One last note: Congrats to one of my best friends who got engaged last weekend!!! SO exciting. xoxo
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