Hello all. So this is going to be the week of two natural disasters for us on the east cost. Lets hope everyone stays safe! If you need some goodness while the storm is raging, here you go!
Well, they’re not rain boots
But they are freaking amazing! My perfect heels. The mullet of heels really – business in the front, party in the back.
I remember seeing this in a magazine a few months ago, and I’ve wanted it ever since. As if anyone needs another kitchen gadget. It turns frozen fruit into creamy, yummy soft-serve style dessert, minus the dairy! Sounds delicious to me!
Lulu Drew
I came across Lulu & Drew via The Doctors Closet, and I’m so glad I did. I just love these cute, happy paintings! If you’re going to be stuck in an apartment during the hurricane, you should like what you’re looking at.
Cutest Cupcakes
How cute are these? They have a little bow! I’m loving!
Pumped Up
If you’re going to be stuck home all weekend, along with snacks (muddy buddies!) and drinks, you will want music. I realize that I am a few months behind the curve, but I so love Foster the People. Listen to pumped up kicks and it will keep you happy, all storm long.


Stay safe, and be back on Monday!
Images: Pinterest, Amazon, Lulu and Drew, Real Simple,