Hi friends, hope you’ve been having a great week. Here are the rest of my must-haves for fall!
All about leather
I am dying for a creamy, buttery leather jacket. How perfect?
Pencils Required
Pencil skirts are my favorite thing to wear to work, and I love this one because it is classy, but still a bit fun.
Frye it Up
The quintessential boots. They will probably be on my must-have list every season until I get them:
Glitter life
Some of the choices have been pretty practical, but sometimes, a girl just wants to sparkle. I’m loving this Hallelu dress..so much
That’s a wrap
I’m all about the infinity scarf this season. You can be totally cozy and covered, no twisting or wrapping required.
Do you feel set? I hope so!
Want to shop?: Jacket: Gap, skirt: Loft, boots: frye, dress: hallelu, scarf: zara