Happy Friday! This short week was nice, but did not go by quick enough! The bf is gone working for The Nature Conservancy in Colorado for the next 3.5 weeks and even though its only been a few days, it really sucks having him away. Luckily I’ll have some fun plans for the next few weeks and weekends to distract me a bit. How are you spending your weekend?
On to this week’s highlights:
If you follow me on Twitter then you saw that I retweeted the news that Cy Twombly died this week. He was one of my favorite artists, he made such fun, pop pieces that I just adore.
I saw this in a magazine this week and thought that it is one of those things that I would loved to have invented. A water bottle tripod-all you need is water bottle to take a perfect picture! So darn clever.
A few weeks ago I posted some images from Kishani Perera’s portfolio. One of my favorite details was the print in the room with the lyrics to “Heaven” on it (image below). I thought that it would look awesome above my couch. Sadly, it is no longer available, and the ones that are available are wildly out of my budget, but still, they’re awesome and I love them! Also potentially a good DIY project!
I just saw this dress and loved it. So sparkly and fun. Definitely not an every-weekend dress, but for a big event, it would totally help you steal the show.
Happy Friday, and have a good weekend!
Images: me, Dynomighty , Kishani PereraMatthew Heller, Net a porter, pinterest