Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! I had a fun fashion post scheduled for today, but after this weekend’s activities I had to change it up a bit.
Have you ever made your own jam?
It always seemed really intimidating, but now I am scared no more! It’s really easy, fun and yummy! I even got a text from the bf telling me how yummy it was!
I had planned on using this recipe from Sunset Magazine, but after I forgot an ingredient, I improvised and it was delicious!
My modified recipe is below, so you too can be a little domestic diva!
Note: I didn’t actually measure anything other than the gelatin, so don’t be afraid to modify this a bit!
1 pound strawberries-washed, and chopped into small pieces
12 ounces (2 packages) of raspberries, washed
1 lemon
2 ½ tablespoons of gelatin (I used Knox brand)
1 ½ cups of sugar (I used organic sugar)
¼ tablespoon butter
In a large bowl, mash up strawberries and raspberries (Wear a shirt you don’t care about because I got berry juice all over mine)
In a large saucepan, put gelatin and half a cup of sugar in bowl. Mix together.
Turn heat on high.
Add in berries, about ¼- ½ cup of water (or pure fruit juice), and the juice of one lemon (watch out for seeds!)
Add in butter. Bring to a boil and stir well.
Add in the remainder of the sugar and bring to a brisk boil, stirring constantly for one minute.
Remove from heat and pour into a heatproof jar. Let cool to room temperature, or almost room tempature and put in fridge.
Note: You really can’t screw this up because even if it doesn’t perfectly gel, you can put it over vanilla ice cream as a topping, or make a cobbler topping to add to it!