Ok, so I’m sort of embarrassed to even post these. Actually, very embarrassed. But I guess they will make the “after” that much sweeter.
We’ve been living in the apartment for just over a week, and mostly have been focusing on emptying boxes and getting them out of the apartment! But in some rooms (living room-eek) we have a bit of work to do. I have my projects for this week! In my defense, we’ve had lots of social engagements this week and weekend that have prevented major unpacking.
Ok, here goes! Don’t judge!
This is our hallways/entry-way. Totally needs a new coat of paint–I’m open to ideas! I want something light and airy, but fun. Maybe wide stripes of two light, neutral colors? I think my boots look adorable waiting by the door though!
Bedroom! This is a perfect, lovely blank slate of a room. Please notice the stacks of bags and clothes still hanging around! I don’t think Aaron knew what he was getting into with the amount of bags/shoes/clothes I had. No real need for a duvet because its the summer, but I have great plans–including an awesome duvet, matching nightstands, an awesome piece of art above the bed. The list goes on.
Bathroom. Its a bit hard to see because of lighting, but this is totally the most-done room. The walls were already painted an awesome slate gray color, so I added a gray, mint green and blue striped shower curtain and my Voluspa candle, and its pretty much done!
My lovely, light filled kitchen! My favorite room–by far! Yes that’s a washing machine and dishwasher you see 🙂 The granite counter tops and back splash are pretty sweet too. We kind of need to find a place for some things, but otherwise we are in pretty good shape here. The bf has been making some phenomenal meals in this kitchen. I’m loving it.
This picture gives me anxiety just looking at it! Our large living room is awesome. I love the walls that are painted slightly different shades of tan, but our crap is just everywhere! Plus we’re still waiting on some furniture that I have in MA, and we need to buy a couch. And some curtains because those blinds are horrible. Eek!  
Ok, so there we go! My summer project is to get the place in order so that we can have a housewarming party in August. The “After” pics will be posted around then.
If anyone has any fun design ideas for our space, please email me. Would LOVE to hear them!
Happy Monday!