Happy Friday! This has been a super wonderful, but odd week because of living out of boxes and whatnot. I had no idea that not having my jewelry out and organized would make me feel so scatter-brained!
What do you lovelies have planned for this weekend? I have a few parties on Saturday, and some low-key unpacking and relaxing planned for Sunday. And I’m really excited about it all.
Here are some favorites for the week:
Bits of Glitter
I feel like I write about nail polish every week, but I saw this and fell in love! These awesome, glittery nails are via Cupcakes and Cashmere, and the hint of sparkle is just perfection! I think it would make a wonderful addition to this season’s coral nails!
Cocktails Anyone?
The New York Times had an awesome slideshow the other day about easy summer cocktails. They all look lovely and totally doable—I’m gunning for the Guadalajara Sour!
My friend Megan has a really fun blog that you should check out—Oh MG. She writes about all kinds of clever, witty things. I especially liked her links to Awesome People Hanging out Together. Currently, Megan is helping to change the world in Uganda for the summer, and I’m loving keeping up with her adventures on the blog! Part travel-log, part awesome blog = full on cool.
Hot & Cool
Ashley wore this dress last week on the Bachelorette and I’m obsessed. While I cannot take another mention of Bentley—seriously my head will explode (or it will make the best drinking game ever)—I can definitely take this lovely two-tone hot pink and white number. With a brown belt and creamy, light tan/nude colored heels, it’s a perfect summertime work outfit!  Thanks for Possessionista for clueing me in!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Images: Cupcakes and Cashmere, NYTimes, Awesome People Hanging out Together, Zara