Happy Thursday! Almost to the weekend.
First off, a few things to clear up—I’ve been getting lots of questions after yesterday’s post about the Brooklyn Bride photo shoot. NO, I’m not engaged, and NO that is not my real address on the postcard. The text of the article states very clearly that I was with my boyfriend for the shoot. The site is all about gorgeous design and images, and it just happens to have a wedding angle to it. And if a very popular website put my real address up for all the world to see, I would be very concerned! All cleared up? Great. On to the important stuff now.
My favorite room of the new apartment is the kitchen—right now anyways. I’m totally in love with the stainless steel fridge, marble countertops—and the dishwasher and washing machine and dryer too. I normally loathe the color orange, but the color the kitchen is painted is not ugly, its bright and festive! And while I’m normally color-shy and prefer neutrals, I now have an outlet for the color-loving side of my what wants to come out!
I’m planning on posting the “before” pics of the new place on Monday—just want to try and clear a few more boxes first.
 Here are some fun additions I would like to make to my lovely space:
Measuring Cups
How darling are these measuring cups? Colorful and useful, the best of both worlds
Kitchen Aid
Every girl wants a kitchen aid, and this stainless steel version would be just perfect! I have the counter space open and waiting.
 Ok, so I actually already have these, but I really love them. I found a very similar style to these swirl glasses at my local discount store. I was so excited! They’re really adorable and will be perfect with a cocktail and cute straw for parties!
Cooler Than Everyone
I was browsing on etsy and came across this and I’m seriously putting an order in this weekend. Not only does it match the color scheme, but I love the sentiment. A bit cocky, yes, but also adorable and cute. I love the idea of small artwork in the kitchen, and this totally gets my vote!
Seed Bombs
 I’ve always wanted to grow my own herbs, and this might be the way for me to do it! These seed bombs are really cheap and claim to be really stinking easy to grow! We have a huge window in the kitchen with a big sill that would be just perfect for a few cute little pots!
Any awesome recipes I should make in the new place? I’ve got a few ideas, but would LOVE any suggestions for my newly super-domestic self.
Images: west elm, pinterest, pinterest, etsy, seed bombs