If I could own any one thing for my apartment, it would be a Draper. Not Don Draper, though that would be wonderful–I’m talking about Dorothy Draper, specifically a Dorothy Draper dresser, aka the coolest, prettiest, move crave-worthy interior design item ever! I first spotted one in the Sex & the City movie, and have been obsessed with them every since.
After doing some research, it turns out that the Dorothy Drapers are very rare and hard to find (not to mention insanely expensive). Luckily there are lots of good imitations available at a much lower price point to help you get the look. And, even though I have a very strict ‘no fakes allowed’ policy in the rest of my life, I believe that they’re perfectly acceptable here.
So if  yours is real (jealous!) or fake, enjoy some classic design goodness:

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