Hello there. Hope you had a lovely weekend!
I saw a cool post on La Dolce Vita about the ultimate dinner party guest list. That got me thinking about who I would invite to my ultimate dinner party (assuming that you can’t invite anyone you actually know, and you can only invite people who are currently living). 

Here’s my list (in no particular order):
Sarah Jessica Parker
Lauren Conrad
John Slattery
Julie Andrews
Kate Middleton
Diane Von Furstenburg
Anthony Bourdain
Anderson Cooper
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
Russell Brand
I am a massive nerd, so I also took the next step and thought through what I would serve and where I would seat everyone. This turned out to be harder than I thought. I would be at the head of the tableobviously, and on one side of me would be my bestie Kate Middleton, while Anthony Bourdain would be on the other side. But other than that, everyone can seat themselves where they’d like.
And I would want fun, not stuffy food. I would want to see everyone let loose a little bit at this dinner party. Maybe get In-N-Out delivered? I think that would be awesome.
If you need a fun little Monday morning/lunch break activity, think about who you would want at your dinner party and why. Really, try it, its fun!
And if anyone wants to share their lists, feel free to leave a comment! Have a great week!
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