I’ve been traveling a fair bit for work lately, so I’ve gotten a good insight into how make business travel as easy, and stylish and fun as possible. Find below, my business travel essentials. I’ll cover vacation some other time, as it is a whole different category:

I bought this gray DVF suitcase before my first big work trip and I’m so glad I did. Not only is it stylish, its very different from the endless line of black suitcases you see at the airport.
And pack lightly! I only carry on for business trips. I don’t want to deal with lost luggage or waiting at the carousel after I land.
I have a work travel uniform now. I always wear a black blazer, nice t-shirt underneath and a big scarf. I usually wear gray to match my bag (totally nerdy). I always wear comfy flats for travel too. And, because I have a superstition and always wear a hat when I fly, I try to make it something that matches, like my camo yankees hat. It goes with everything. 
This outfit has worked well because once I land, I can easily switch into jeans or a skirt if I need to, and the rest of the outfit is all set. Plus you look a bit put together and not sloppy.
And for hair, I usually do light curls before I leave, and put it in a low bun after a good hair spray. As the plane starts to land, I let it out so the curls have time to settle. I’ve found that this helps keep my hair looking just done, even after wearing a hat and traveling. So if I’m heading straight to a client meeting, I’m totally professional and ready to go.
Drink lots of water! The whole travel process can be exhausting and dehydrating so I drink lots and lots of water while traveling. I only sit in aisle seats so I have easy access to get up during flights too. It works out well!
Some people will recommend that you bring a mini spray water and spray yourself during the flight. I think that is silly. Why would I want to spray off my perfectly applied makeup? In order to keep skin moisturized, I lightly dab moisturizer (Clinque has been my favorite for over 10 years) on my face and under my eyes to keep things fresh and moisturized.
You also want to make sure you do something that makes you happy and relaxed while traveling for work. I like coffee and magazines. Depending on what time my flight is, I’ll treat myself to a nice coffee. And magazines are great because they can help you decompress and feel like yourself again at the end of a long day. They’re also great flight entertainment.
Whats your travel routine? I’d love to hear your tips!
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