Hello all.  Hope you had a phenomenal weekend! I got to relax a bit before a busy week at work, and in life. Hope your Monday is going well.
As I’m sure you’ve seen, vintage touches are everywhere lately! And while there is no reason to head back a few decades, some of these throwbacks are fun. I totally want a pair of  dark wide leg jeans. I’d pair it with a cute navy and white striped top and it would look adorable.
No one epitomizes this vintage chic look better than French actress, singer, and style icon extraordinaire Francoise Hardy. Along with being super pretty, rocking a leather jacket and having perfected cat-eye eyeliner, she always looked modern and fun. Her image is iconic, and is as chic today as it was in 1970.
I first discovered her and her style via a Glamour Magazine article many years ago that included the first picture below. It was the coolest photograph I had ever seen. I wanted to be that girl–and totally still do! Its been on my bulletin board ever since.
Here is some of my favorite Parisian style inspiration to help you rock your Monday…
Do you love?
Images via Handbag.com