Hello all. Hope you had a great week! Sorry if it felt like I was a bit absent from the blog this week. I was in Ohio for most of the week, and it was totally exhausting!
This weekend is going to be all about the little things for me: drinks with friends, sleeping in, a good cup of coffee, reading a fun book and trying to relax! I also need to work on quieting my mind a little bit. 
Below are some super simple things that I’m appreciating lately:
Cake Pops
After traveling this week and having a five course meal with my clients, I want to eat simply and healthy, but there is something about an adorable pink cake pop from Starbucks that I can’t say no to. They’re just the perfect amount of sweet and cute and fun. If you haven’t tried them yet for some reason, consider this your invitation.

Ellie Goulding
I was beyond thrilled to learn that William + Kate asked Ellie Goulding to perform at their wedding. I’ve loved her for a while now and this just cemented the fact that me and the Duchess of Cambridge should be friends.
Ellie sings sophisticated pop music. Fun and perfect for a Saturday walk around the city! My personal favorite songs are Starry Eyed, Your Song, and The Writer.

And if you need a bit more royal in your life, I made a fun little collage over at pinterest that you might enjoy 🙂
I want to spend the weekend daydreaming a bit about some lovely places. Here are some calming and gorgeous destinations that my mind might wander to:
And if you need some extra encouragement or need to be reassured today, here you go:

What will you be doing this weekend to appreciate the small things in life? What do you to to calm your mind and relax?
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