A few weeks back I did a post about my favorite spring jewelry. But why should jewelry be the only accessory to get some love?
A quick story –  for my first birthday here in the city, I went to the DVF sample sale. While I was checking out, I mentioned to one of the girls that it was my birthday. They were very sweet and said happy birthday and gave me a gorgeous DVF fedora, and said that every girl needed a birthday hat! I wore that hat SO much that summer. It actually hangs on the wall in my room now!
While it’s not my birthday anytime soon, I present you with my favorite headgear for spring, hoping that you find a hat that makes you feel awesome, all summer long. And for a nice change, they are ones that everyone can actually afford. You can thank me later…
A quick note about the blog: I added a few new functionality features. If you go down to the bottom of the page, you can now search posts by category, or date! Hope you like!
Ready to shop?
Flower fedora: Dorothy Perkins, Love Beret: Hannah Zakari, Floppy Basketweave Hat: Forever21, Pink and Yellow hat: HotTopic, Gray Bow Headwrap: Urban Outfitters, Black Fedora: Ark, Yankees Hat: Modells (you can exchange this for whatever team you root for), Fedora with Scarf: Forever 21, Silk twisted headscarf: Urban Outfitters