Can you believe that we’re a few days into May already?!? I’m heading off to the great state of Ohio this morning.  Gotta love business trip destinations!
But before I leave, I wanted to share my new favorite dinner (and leftover lunch) recipe! I concocted it last week when I was thinking of ways to eat kale and not be grossed out. This was a really excellent solution. It’s not a real recipe per se, because you can just do everything to taste.
Orzo Kale Feta Salad
Wash kale and cut into small pieces. Put in bowl and pour fat free Italian dressing over it (you could do olive oil and spices, but this is easier).
Toss the kale so that it is all covered with the dressing and put aside to marinate a bit.
Cook orzo according to directions.
While it is cooking, chop up whatever veggies you have into small peices. I used a cucumber and cherry tomatoes. One they are diced up, add to the kale mix and toss it all up. Add feta cheese. As much or as little as you want.
Once orzo has cooked and drained, let it sit for a few minutes and add to veggies. Add a bit more dressing and salt/pepper as needed. Now you should probably let it cool overnight. I couldn’t wait and had some while it was still warm and it was good! But it was even better cold the next day when it was cold.

I had to take a quick picture before I finished the leftovers!

Its easy, healthy and tasty! Enjoy!