Well, it’s true. One of my friends saw me this weekend and said “How are you doing? I know how much you thought you were going to marry Prince William in high school.” Sadly, I did.
Dashed princess fantasies aside, that was the most gorgeous wedding I’ve EVER seen! I probably spent a good 34% of my weekend looking at pictures and watching recaps. She is gorgeous, the dress was perfection and they’re just so cute together. When they kissed on the balcony, I think my heart actually melted a little bit!
If you need dose of royal in your life, but are 100% commoner, without a hint of duchess, and no butlers, and no chance of secret honeymoon getaway, this might make you happy. Forever 21 has crowns for under $10. So you can live out your princess fantasy, minus Prince Charles as your father-in-law….

via Forever 21