With the amount of time and energy that gets spent on our working lives, it would be nice to really adore the space where you work. I’ve tried to brighten up my cube a bit–some David Stark paper flowers, pictures in picture frames, a bright note pad and some soothing black and white pictures of Paris do the trick for me. Well, at least until I get a corner office to decorate as I please. : )
In the meantime, here are some awesome work spaces where I wouldn’t mind spending my 9-5 hours:

Basically give me a shiny white desk and pink walls and I’m happy.
Here’s hoping your work day is just as lovely.
Image Credits: 1: Simply Seductive, 2: Cupcakes & Cashmere via Apartment Therapy, 3: Rue Magazine, 4: matchbook mag via The Decorista, 5: The Decorista