Hellooo there! How was your weekend? I hope that it was long and relaxing and filled with people you love.  
I’m a bit late on the recap, but as I had hoped, there was quality time with my cuter than ever nephew:

A sun-drenched Easter brunch with mom:

Yummy food. I made guacamole completely by myself for the first time. It was awesome. Thank you Martha! I used her recipe and spiced it to taste. Highly recommended:

And never one to miss out on suburbia sales, I picked up an awesome army green shirt dress (very similar to the one from this post) And I just happen to be going to a premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival tonight. I’m so excited to wear it! Please keep your fingers crossed for some good celebrity sightings! 🙂

My dress is army green. And not from Bloomingdales. But you get the idea...

And last but not least, here is a sneak peek of something very cool that I had the opportunity to do recently. I’ll be able to share more in the next week or so!

Enjoy the rest of your week! xo

Dress: Bloomingdales