Now that spring has (freaking finally!) arrived, its time to do everyone’s favorite and least favorite task – spring cleaning!  Time to get rid of the old, make room for the new, and freshen up your life a bit. Below is the official gatsby & glitter guide to spring cleaning:
Clear it out!
This really is the perfect time to clean out your closet. You have been looking at the winter clothes that have been in your closet for the past few months, and know what you haven’t worn at all. Its time to say goodbye to those peices. And when you’re taking out your spring clothes, you can evaluate if what you wore last year will still work for this year.
I highly recommend donating your clothes to Goodwill. Last time I was dropping off clothes there, I also scored an awesome pair of boots for $3! And if you’re in NYC, take your clothes straight to Housing Works. One of my favorite charities, with an awesome mission.

Don't forget shoes and bags too!

Hang It Up
Now it’s time to focus on the awesome clothes you still have left. Pretty hangars are the accessories for your clothes. Even when you’re not wearing them, they will still be pretty! Even if you can’t afford luxe hangars, get them in a color you love. My hangars are hot pink. : )

Box It Up
While at a friends apartment this weekend, I noticed that he had cute boxes everywhere. They held old picture albums, papers etc. I’ve always been a huge fan of adorable containers, and the ones below are just darling–clean and chic. So clean up clutter and add some simple design to your space, in one step!

File Them Up
As a girl who has a LARGE magazine collection, I need some way to organize them. And as much as I love looking at magazines on a bookshelf, I like to have them organized and clean, especially when a room is on the smaller side. I use the boxes below at the office to organize media coverage, and at home to organize my magazines to read, and those I’ve already read. Its all about having a system…

Making Accessorizing Easy
After the post last week about cute new spring jewelry, you are going to need somewhere to put it all! This is not only about being organized, this is about being able to see all of your shiny and sparkly options easily. I also like to incorporate things that mean something to me into my organization.

I use an little Eiffel Tower figurine that I got on my first trip to Paris to hold rings and a few bracelets, a box from Laduree to hold other bracelets, and a sugar bowl that was my grandmothers to hold over-sized rings and other odds and ends.

Now that you’ve cleaned things out and are fully organized, take a second and think about the flow of your room or apartment. A few months ago, I decided to see if my furniture would fit if I totally rearranged the room. It did, and my space felt like a whole new place! Rearranging the furniture can make you totally fall in love with your things all over again.

I just love this room. Clothes as both design and art! Genius!

Spruce It Up
Wallpaper and wrapping paper. Two of the most underused design elements in my opinion. You can use pretty wallpaper or wrapping paper to create the illusion of a chic headboard, or as art. When i first moved to the city and had no money, I bought three gorgeous, but different sheets of wrapping paper, and hung them on an empty wall. It created an awesome look for bare walls, and it cost under $10!

Add A Little Fluff
You’ve probably heard it before, but I 100% believe that fun pillows can change the look of a room. These are some cute options, for every taste:


That’s it! Now you’re officially ready to spring clean, gatsby & glitter style!

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