This weekend will take me all over New England and back to NYC. I’m very excited that I get to see so many of the people I care about in a short time period. Its going be lots of travel for me, but very worth it!

Also, thanks to everyone for actually reading this thing! I’m having a lot of fun blogging and want to keep it up! Please shoot over any ideas about stuff you like and stuff you’d like to see. This is very much a work in progress.

I hope you are spending the weekend with the ones you love too! Now, let the end of the week sharing commence!

Weekend Yum!

I saw this on Monday, and still want to devour it. Doesn’t ricotta cheesecake sound delightful? If anyone wants to fly me a piece from LA, that would be great!











Behind the Row
Along with almost every other girl my age, I was a huge fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (MK & A to those in the know…) growing up. I still love reading about their fashion career, and their line, The Row. has a great article about them right now.










I’ve been seeing lots and lots of chatter in the blogosphere about how amazing J.Crew’s new fall line is. And I agree, it looks great! But beyond the tailored pants and fall coats, I’m really dying over this skirt. A perfect amount of glitter for a night out. I’m also envisioning it with a denim shirt, ray bans, and fun colorful earrings for brunch. But the name is the best part–its called the disco skirt!










Boston Bound
Can’t wait for drinks at the Liberty Hotel, a cupcake at Sweet and a few hours of quality time with friends in a city I LOVE.








Photo Credits:
Ricotta: Oh Joy
MK&A: Bruce Weber