Happy Monday lovelies. Hope you had a nice weekend! I did some relaxing, had a yummy dinner with a good high school friend, and the previously mentioned veggie food fest yesterday, which was both fascinating and inspiring. Its kind of corny I know, but I decided to go vegetarian until the end of the month, just to see how it goes. So if anyone has any great vegetarian recipes, send them over!

Below, a few fashion and food related observations from the festival to get your week started:

Hi Toms
I saw so many girls (more than the fingers on one hand) walking by wearing Toms shoes. I’ve been secretly wanting a pair for a while, but after seeing how wonderfully they can be styled, I’m bringing my desire out into the open. One girl had cropped black pants (Audrey Hepburn style) with a black sweater and red Toms. So ridiculously chic while still casual. Another girl had baggy jeans rolled up, a striped shirt (more to come on that…) and red Toms with a creamy brown leather bag. I think they will also be adorable with spring dresses.







And as I’m sure you know, with every pair of Toms you purchase, the company gives a pair of shoes to a child in need. Cute shoes and a great cause.

Chanel Love
On the complete other end of the fashion spectrum, a little story for you. While waiting in line, we passed a super high-end consignment store, with loads of drool-worthy Chanel in the window. One girl ahead of us in line just went into the store, and bought a bag while we were waiting–amazing! I’m the rest of the wait was much more enjoyable for her, lucky girl! So after staring at the windows admiring the beautiful interlocking C’s for a good 15 minutes (no purchasing on my part) I’m officially adding a black Chanel bag to my fashion bucket list.








What do you have on your fashion bucket list–whats the one thing you really want to own before you die?

So So Lovely
The best thing I sampled at the festival were cookies by a company called Liz Lovely. They’re out of Vermont and they make gluten free, vegan cookies (I know, sounds gross right?). They were SO freaking good. Absolutely no one would ever know if you didn’t tell them. You might want to consider them for your next indulgence, guilt free!







Image credits:

Toms shoe via Nordstrom

Chanel via MyBagBlog.com

Cookie via Liz Lovely