Happy Friday/April Fools Day! I don’t know about you, but its been a super long week for me. I’m very much looking forward to just relaxing and starting season 4 of Mad Men this weekend! I’m also heading to a Veggie Food Fest on Sunday and hoping to find a few delicious discoveries. Hope you have a seriously wonderful and relaxing weekend too!

I’m leaving you with some gorgeousness to get it started on the right foot:

Ohh Paris
How phenomenal would it be to be that girl right about now? Paris-sunny-cute outfit? I certainly think it would be phenomenal.

J'adore Paris!













Blazer Brights

I’m dying for a bright blazer. With all the black I wear, I think a bright blazer over black skinny jeans and a blank tank will look tres chic together. This fun pink one from Zara for example, is perfect! It would also look adorable with a black and white striped tee or tank under it, don’t you think?

So fun!











Party Perfection
I saw this another wedding website that I quite enjoy, Merci New York. Besides the whole groom, dress thing–this is pretty much is all I want for my wedding. It’s all I want for any good party really. Pretty shoes + good champagne = one happy girl. And that is my favorite kind of math.










Brit’s Back!
Last but certainly not least, if your weekend needs a soundtrack, I highly recommend Britney’s new album! Its brand new, shiny, and so fun. Full of danceable pop goodness.











Image Credits:

Paris Picture via Modern Disaster

Blazer via Zara

Shoes & Champagne via Merci New York. Image by Ira Fox of Gramercy Park Photo

Britney via twitter.com/britneyspears